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DVS 720 - Honours Individual Research Paper

In this course, students undertake their own desktop research and write up a mini thesis under supervision of a mentor. Students are expected to work independently, with guidance and support from their supervisors, to undertake their research and produce a well-structured, logical and coherent piece of scientific writing.  

Due to various institutional and time constraints, ISD honours students are not permitted to undertake primary research for their honours mini thesis, thus students will either analyse secondary data sources or conduct a systematic and critical literature review or theoretical research in relation to their research question(s) in the field of Development Studies. 

DVS824 & DVS724 Development Management and Planning (Masters & Honours))

The Development Management and planning course is designed to enable students to acquire practical management skills in order to promote development effectively in a range of organizational contexts, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, and private sector firms.  The course is intended to expose students to situations they will encounter in ‘the real world’ and to offer them experience in tasks which they will be required to perform as leaders in development organizations and initiatives.   

Facilitator: Michael Belebema

Research Methods - DVST 749 - Honours' Course

Research Methods (DVST 749) is a compulsory MODULE for the attainment of an Honours Degree in Development Studies. The MODULE introduces students to the principles and logics of social science research, and familiarizes them with the research process and the various steps involved. Students learn the methods of conducting research in the field of development. Additionally, students are taken through the process of developing proposals for their own research and this prepares them towards developing their mini-thesis which is the major outcome of the Honours Research Paper module (DVST 720) in the second semester. Students are required to pass the module DVST 749 in order to register for the Honours Research Paper module (DVST 720) in the second semester. The module is structured according to the following broad aspects: 

  • Basics of Social Science Research
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Structural, Scientific Aspects and Academic Writing 
  • Theoretical Framework and Literature Review 
  • Development of a Concept Note and Proposal Writing