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DIGI-FACE: Academic written and graphic presentation-Facilitator Course

This course prepares you to facilitate the Academic Written and Graphic Presentations course on your own. It contains all activities from the original course as well as additional material which will help you to prepare and conduct the course all by yourself. 

DIGI-FACE: Academic written and graphic presentation-Template

This course aims at providing you with the basics needed for presenting your academic work professionally. You will learn how to set up professional Word documents, presentations and posters. The pedagogical approach used include evidence-based practices of repetition, retrieval, reflection, and generative and interleaved practice, all of which are designed to make what you learn ‘stick’. By practicing and mastering the skills required in this course, you will be able to present your academic writing and prepare visual presentations without having to think too hard about how to set out your work professionally.

DIGI-FACE: Achieving Coherence in Post-Graduate Research Projects-Under Construction

This course helps students identify the expected goals of components of a formal research proposal to demonstrate an intended coherent study towards a critical declaration of their positionality as a researcher. 

DIGI-FACE: Strengthening Post-Graduate Supervision-Template

The course is aimed at strengthening postgraduate supervision capacity by deepening the understanding of ‘supervision as pedagogy’. The course content takes into account the diverse contexts in which supervisors work as well as the differences in the postgraduate supervision processes across different disciplines. The pedagogical approach of this online course draws on participant interaction with the online interface, participant reflexivity to enable learning from one’s own and each other’s supervision experiences and reading of relevant postgraduate supervision related research. The course is theoretically underpinned by supervision as pedagogy (Fataar, 2012) which is explored in the first unit, and which frames the next seven units. The eight units are addressed in a fluid and integrated way.

Facilitator: Elisa Adams

DIGI-FACE: Rédaction académique: Présentation écrite et graphique - template

Bien que ce mini-module s'adresse à toute personne souhaitant en savoir plus sur l'administration de Moodle, il est surtout utile aux responsables informatiques du centre, aux coordonnateurs de cours et aux animateurs qui doivent gérer les modules et l'inscription des participants. Nous savons que lorsque vous commencez à utiliser un système de gestion de l'apprentissage, cela peut sembler intimidant. Cependant, cela ne doit pas être. Notre objectif est de simplifier le processus et de vous montrer comment vous pouvez faire fonctionner votre centre sur Moodle.